Facts About Pisces

Facts About Pisces

1 ) Pisces already knows what will happen.
2 ) Pisces have a natural ability to bring out the true you.
3 ) Pisces and Cancer have a deep unspoken emotional connection. It’s almost like they can hear each others thoughts.
4 ) A Pisces will share nearly everything in their world if the care for you.
5 ) Pisces are constantly being taken advantage of.
6 ) Pisces love their friends and will cross oceans to help and spend time with the people they cherish.
7 ) Pisces always tend to be in a long term relationship.
8 ) Sometimes Pisces emotions are so deep and…
9 ) A Pisces woman’s heart is much like a butterfly wing, delicate and beautiful but extremely breakable so take care of her.
10 ) Once you fall for a Pisces, there’s no way to get back up.
11 ) The Pisces woman is unlike any other; beautiful, endearing and full of charm.
12 ) Don’t be fooled by a Pisces. They may seem naive but they are great thinkers, extremely creative, driven and make great leaders!
13 ) Pisces lives in a sea of thoughts, feelings and beliefs.
14 ) Pisces want what they can’t have.
15 ) Pisces can push beyond their limitations and grow into amazing people.
The color of choice for Pisces is sea green.
Pisces’ star stone is the Moon Stone.
Lucky Numbers
Pisces’ lucky numbers are 1, 3, 4, and 9.
The Perfect Gift
The best gift for a Pisces is something musical or poetic.
Time to sleep and dream, mystery in all forms, romance, music.
Know-it-alls, the past coming back to haunt, being criticized.

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