Strange Facts About Aquarius

Strange Facts About Aquarius

The 11th sign of the zodiac, the Aquarius is easy going and free flowing in the truest sense of the word. They value their freedom over everything else and hence, they guard their independence fiercely. Just like one cannot hold a water body, the free-spirited earth element refuses to settle down easily. They often come across as moody, cold and mean but they make loyal friends and wonderful lovers. Let us know discover strange facts about Aquarius:

Top Facts About Aquarius Zodiac Sign

1 ) Behind Aquarius smile, is a story you would never understand.
2 ) Aquarians rather pretend that they like someone at first rather than just turning them down.
3 ) Aquarians are smart people who hate being taken for a fool.
4 ) When an Aquarian really love someone, that person should consider them self as lucky because our love comes from deep within the heart
5 ) Aquarians probably have the worst sleeping patterns.
6 ) When an Aquarius loves somebody, their love is intense and unexplainable
7 ) An Aquarius works more efficiently when they’re pressed for time.
8 ) An Aquarian can be very grumpy when something doesn’t go their way.
9 ) When it comes on to convincing someone about…
10 ) Aquarius are interesting and attractive people. Nothing boring about them.


  1.  If you’re gonna be with an Aquarius you have to be able to leave them alone they don’t do well with clingy people.
  2.  Aquarius can get bored easily, they need something new, unique and out of the ordinary to keep them entertained
  3.  When an Aquarian really love someone, that person should consider them self as lucky because our love comes from deep within the heart.
  4.  Aquarians decide if they like you or not within the first few moments of knowing you. Rarely will it change if they didn’t like you before.
  5.  Aquarius often finds it hard to communicate their extremely complex thoughts and feelings.
  6.  If you want somebody to tell you what you want to hear, don’t ask an Aquarius.
  7. When an Aquarius loves you they will be willing to put up with a lot of your shit but push too far and they’re gone forever.
  8.  It can be pretty har When an Aquarius is feeling as they have…a very subtle way of showing emotions.


1 ) An Aquarius Man can easily make themselves panic by overthinking or obsessing over a situation that in reality isn’t as bad as it seems.
2 ) An Aquarius Man can sometimes be consumed by their own thoughts, especially at night. They can’t find the ‘ off’ switch.
3 ) Aquarius Man are bad at expressing feelings, especially when it comes to relationships.
4 ) Aquarius Man are romantics at heart, not necessarily looking for passion of the body, but more of the mind.
5 ) Aquarius Man prefers to get to know you, rather than cast his own opinions; he doesn’t mind being “different”; he doesn’t like confrontation (but prefers thinps go his way); he may switch subjects when talking or zone out in a conversation; he’s incredibly smart and likes doing for people; not the most affectionate but he’s likes “showing off” his mate; he’s always thinkin
6 ) Often has childhood issues; is loyal when seriously in love; likes having freedom; has a quiet ego; wants everyone to believe his words and gets angry if that’s not the case; has good debating skills; likes to keep to himself; hard to read; may act opposite of what he feels on the inside; needs his personal space
7 ) The type of person who atrracts an Aquarius man is intelligent, independent, free spirited, and a good conversationlist. Should they keep him guessing, or be a bit unconventional, they will fascinate him, but if thay person is too emotional, he’ll pass.
8 ) As an Aquarius Man it’s hard for you to resist someone, that’s intelligent and creative.


1 ) Aquarius woman aren’t easily influenced. she is normally the one doing the influencing.
2 ) She likes to travel, she likes the new, but she can be curiously attached to the old.
3 ) Aquarius woman let’s you be you. She will love you jus the way you are.
4 ) As an Aquarius woman, one of your biggest desire in a relationship is someone who will understand and accept your free and stubborn spirit.
5 ) Aquarius woman usually have more male friends than female friends.
6 ) Aquarius Woman’s in a league all her own; her brain is her tool; likes interaction but also needs her space; needs mentally strong people around her; loving & loyal
7 ) The Aquarius woman mingles with people from all walks of life. She tends to greet and interact with people the same way, no matter what their age or background.
8 ) They don’t hold grudges because they know next time they just won’t fuck with you.
The color of choice for Aquarius is colors of the water, like teal.
Aquarius’ star stone is the turquoise.
Lucky Numbers
The Aquarian’s lucky numbers are 2, 3, and 7.
Aquarians are most compatible with Gemini, Libra, and other Aquarians.
Opposite Sign
The Opposite Sign for Aquarius is Leo.
The Perfect Gift
The best gift for an Aquarian is something mystical or arts related.
Fun with friends, championing causes, helping others, intellectual conversation.
Limitations, being lonely, broken promises, anything ordinary.
Aquarius is the natural sign of the Eleventh House. This house focuses on friends, goals, hopes and wishes, circumstances beyond control, and love received.

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